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Away from Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holidays are just around the corner. Yet, for many of us, Home for the Holidays may be far from where we currently live. For a burglar, an empty house is a welcome gift because an unoccupied house as an easy mark. It can be days or even weeks before the crime is discovered. To lower risk for sharing your home with these unwanted holiday visitors:

  • Arrange for pick-up of mail, newspapers, and parcels or stop deliveries altogether.
  • Lock all windows and doors.
  • Set fire and burglar alarms and be sure the security company knows of your absence.
  • Close the curtains.
  • Set timers for lights to give the appearance that the house is occupied.
  • Let a trusted neighbor know when you are leaving and when you will be back.
  • Don’t broadcast your absence to people you don’t know. (Limit your excitement by avoiding the news of your trip on Facebook or other Social media sites).

There is no way to completely eliminate dangers for your house and property while you are gone. But with planning, you can reduce risks when you are at home for the Holidays away from your home.