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Beware of Pros Who Are Cons

While each spring brings a special beauty, it also brings the arrival of “home repair professionals” who are skilled at scamming homeowners. This is more often a problem when storms cause widespread damage. But these “pros” can be running their cons most anywhere.

Using deception, high-pressure sales tactics, and time-limited offers, they may offer “free inspections” where damage is invariably found. These scammers then seek authorization from homeowners to negotiate with the insurance company. They may offer “free work” as incentive to bypass deductibles, though this usually represents insurance fraud.

Their goal is to obtain as much cash as quickly as possible. Repair work is often shoddy and incomplete, and they quickly move on (cash in hand), leaving homeowners without recourse or warranty for a job done poorly. If these contractors leave construction material suppliers without timely payment, suppliers can often legally place a lien on the home.

Homeowners beware! Don’t let contractors pressure you into a quick decision. A reputable, local contractor wants a satisfied customer. When seeking repairs, get multiple estimates, and seek local references for work completed by the contractor. Ask for and verify construction licenses and certifications of the insurance. This should include certificates of liability/workers compensation.